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The mayor and city council are elected and work as a team to establish policy direction for San Marcos. The council also hires the city manager who is responsible for overseeing day-to-day city operations including hiring staff to implement council policy. As a city councilmember, Jay will work collaboratively with other members of the San Marcos City Council to promote the following priorities in the best interests of the community.

On November 8, 2022, vote for a dynamic, thriving San Marcos!

Vote for Jay Petrek in District 2.

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Community Vision

Citizens must be heard, and community input is a vital step in crafting a collective vision for the city’s general plan that will define what San Marcos looks and feels like in the next ten years. Jay will advocate for strong general plan policies that ensure the implementation of the community’s vision.

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Public infrastructure such as streets, recreation, public safety, and community services are critical quality of life components that also strengthen the city’s regional competitiveness. Jay will advocate for well-maintained and upgraded city facilities and amenities that meet residents’ needs and enhance the community’s desirability.

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Public Safety

Jay believes that a fundamental purpose of government is to ensure the safety of its citizens. He will support well-funded police and fire emergency service programs tailored to meet community needs.

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Jay believes that maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in San Marcos requires an approach to sustainability through urban planning and city management. He will support sustainable policies that are socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.

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Municipal Services

Jay believes “safe, clean, and efficient” are three guiding principles in providing municipal services to residents. He will make sound decisions that support effective emergency safety services, clean and attractive public and private developments that advance the community’s vision, and efficient stewardship of amenities and infrastructure using updated technology.

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Economic Development

San Marcos has an exciting mix of restaurants and businesses that are essential to the community’s vitality. Investment in economic development efforts increase tax revenues, available jobs, and opportunities for citizens. Jay will support business retention, expansion, and attraction policies and programs that foster a strong local economy.

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Community Character

San Marcos is a thriving community. Jay will embrace technology and sustainability, support local businesses, and advocate for sensitively planned growth and infrastructure, as well as the protection and expansion of community character and amenities.

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Future Growth

The excellent quality of life enjoyed in San Marcos has influenced the community’s population growth. While change is inevitable, future growth must align with the values that define San Marcos. Jay will support sound land use principles that mitigate impacts on current residents; address infrastructure that meets the need of our growing community; integrate development with its surroundings; and implement the community’s vision.

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Educational Collaboration

San Marcos’ status as the “Education Hub of North County” is important for our city to continue to thrive as a place of opportunity and promise. Jay will promote continuing collaboration with our educational partners to ensure San Marcos can effectively do its part to address the needs of the community.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Prudent fiscal policies are crucial to the city’s long-term financial stability. Jay will advocate for balanced budgets with healthy reserves, and for the allocation of city finances to continue funding quality services in a responsible manner.

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Government  Transparency

Community engagement and involvement in the decision-making process makes San Marcos stronger and increases accountability. Jay will advocate for the timely and accurate flow of relevant information from city sources to citizens to ensure transparency in the governing process.

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