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Jay Petrek Welcomes You

Making a Difference

When my wife, Heather, and I moved to San Marcos 28 years ago with our three young children, we knew this was the best place for us to raise our family. That remains true today. The quality of life, excellent schools, convenient amenities, abundant parks, trails and open space, and safe environment all combine to make San Marcos a gem in San Diego County.

Over the years, many others like us have discovered what San Marcos has to offer. The city’s population has doubled in the last quarter century. As San Marcos continues to grow, maintaining and enhancing our quality of life is vital. I want to ensure that San Marcos remains a thriving place of opportunity and promise.

This is why I am running for City Council.

Decisions will be made in the next few years about the future of San Marcos and how our city will look and feel. Population growth and change are inevitable. Development should enhance our quality of life that defines our San Marcos community. I support sound land use principles that mitigate impacts on current residents, integrate development with its surroundings, and implement our community vision. Infrastructure should be installed in a timely manner that meets the needs of our residents.

I believe that the public’s interests are best served when
local leaders make sound decisions that support three guiding principles:
Safe, Clean, and Efficient

  • safety services (police and fire) that address the needs of San Marcos

  • improvements that advance the community’s vision

  • efficient stewardship of amenities and infrastructure using
    updated technology in a sustainable manner

I support fiscal responsibility in overseeing YOUR tax dollars so that San Marcos maintains a high quality of life for our residents and businesses. This includes infrastructure and programs that meet our community’s needs; responsive emergency services; business retention, expansion, and attraction efforts; and a robust system of parks, trails,
and open space.

San Marcos’ status as the “Education Hub of North County” is important for our city to continue to thrive as a place of opportunity and promise. I believe continued collaboration with our educational partners should be prioritized to ensure San Marcos can effectively do its part to address the needs of the community.

I have over 36 years of local government experience, which includes my roles as the Community Development Director and Assistant City Manager for Escondido. I have volunteered for numerous local organizations. I have experience as a San Marcos City Councilmember, and was twice elected to the San Marcos Unified School District
Board of Trustees.

San Marcos is a thriving community. I want to ensure that technology and sustainability are embraced, businesses are welcomed and supported, future growth and infrastructure are smartly planned, and community amenities are protected and expanded.

There are many challenges. I believe every challenge holds opportunities for collaborating and strategizing to seek the best resolution possible. 

Let’s work together to maintain a thriving San Marcos!

(760) 496-8614

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